‘Manga’, British Museum

London, England

The British Museum’s temporary “Manga” exhibit is the largest exhibition of the Japanese cartoon and graphic novels outside of Japan. A form of Japanese comics or graphic novels, manga conforms to an illustration style developed in Japan in the 19th century. Following the original translation of manga as “pictures run riot”, RAA’s graphic design approach seeks to recreate the energy of reading the comics – transporting visitors into its narrative world, bringing its spirit and stories right out from the pages.

The new exhibition celebrates the varied nature of manga and its appeal to audiences of all ages across different time periods, illustration styles and such wide-ranging topics as the environment, sports, horror and gender and identity. Immersive moments throughout the exhibition allow visitors to engage with manga on a personal level, from reading manga in a recreation of the oldest surviving manga bookshop in Tokyo, to letting themselves be ‘manga-fied’ in a special photo booth.


Universal Design Studio


1,100 square meters

© 2014, Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Inc.